Thursday, May 29, 2008

I H8te My Job

Work sucks. I recently wrote about my increased responsibility here though they did not give me the title of Management & Operations Lead. Essentially I'm doing everything except for the financials which I am not allowed to do according to company guidelines because I am not an Associate. So I asked my project manager if he could still give me the title and he said no. He said he wanted all the Leads to be on the Leadership Team which he felt like I wasn't ready for, mostly due to my communication style. For those of you who don't know, I'm rather blunt at work because I have no patience for the idiots that pretend to work here. Idiots comprise about 95% of the company now that the strategy/private-sector group has split off as Booz & Company. Anyway, the caliber of people that I work with are so low-level that they need to be reminded a million times to do their jobs. Things that they should be doing on their own anyway! It's really frustrating to work with chimps. But I am still nice about it. I never yell or curse at them like I did back when I worked on Wall Street. But apparently my style is still too blunt. Blah. I told my manager that I have no interest in babying or hand-holding these losers but he says that it has to be done because that's how the company culture is. Basically, this joke of a company is not for me.

So I left that meeting in low spirits because it's just so obvious that there's no future at this place for me (or anyone else with a semblance of a brain). I haven't been able to do work all day. I have plenty of things to do now but I'm not interested in doing any of it. This place kills me. I spent the day looking for a hotel (settled on the Wyndham) in Chicago for next Thursday as I visit the Windy City for a day before my buddy's wedding. If anyone has any suggestions on places to see or do in Chicago, I'm all ears!

Maybe I'll start plotting out my next Columbia essay soon. Or updating my resume again. I need to get out of this place. In happier thoughts, is it stupid to hope to find love at b-school? I know some people do it. Maybe it won't be another business school student but certainly some cute brunette studying philosophy or dance or journalism will cross my path right? Pfft, I probably shouldn't be thinking about this on my blog... don't wanna lose credibility :P

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HappyBunny said...

Totally agree. Well... patience! patience! I learned to keep my head down just do my work, and not to criticize anyone. Keep my office door shut, only table lights on, so people won't bother me unless they really need something. :P