Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rosetta Stone

We had a tornado warning in DC today. I didn't even know that we ever got that kinda weather here. I was sad that I might have to spend all day huddled in my room working on my essay but there was a break in the downpour and I ran to the gym. Stayed for 5 hours. Not to work out but play basketball :) Oh, and for those who've been reading long enough, no, my broken hand isn't cleared for contact again but I tape it up and it feels fine. I'm not going to go full-speed until June 8th or so. That's what I tell myself. Today I went only 95% speed hehe.

So I won't write more about my essay woes at this point. Tis pointless. Let's just say that when you start, you find yourselves reading it over a million times. This is why I've always heavily favored exams over essays in school. With an exam, you can study to a point where you think you know all the material. But with an essay, you never know when you're done because you can always fine-tune further. I've probably read my essay and its various iterations over 20 times already. Yes, I am slightly obsessive.

Anyway, I just saw the commercial for Rosetta Stone and it sounds too good to be true... it's supposed to be so easy and fun to learn a language. Apparently the website says learning is like playing a video game. Hmm. I'm tempted. I would want to learn Spanish as I used to work for the Emerging Markets-Latin America trading desks at Deutsche Bank. Unfortunately, all I learned there were "bueno", "sympatico", and a couple curses. I also took a year of Spanish in 8th grade but it was so low-level that it felt like working at Booz Allen. Zing! Seriously though, I like throwing in random spanish words every now and then and I usually say hello by saying "Bueno" sooo... I think it'd be sweet to learn Spanish! It doesn't seem that hard, especially with this program. But if I pony up the $300 for levels 1, 2, and 3, then it might distract me from my application. Maybe I'll learn after Columbia makes its decision on my fate (Octoberish).

I also had a horrible thought today. I really have my heart set on Columbia and I'm optimistic of my chances, so much so that I didn't seriously think about starting other applications until after heraing from Columbia. But if I do that, then I'll have about 2 weeks (even less in some cases) to submit apps by the Round 1 deadline, which is the round that I'd want to submit. Well maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. If Columbia rejects me, I still haven't decided if I'd just wait a year to reapply so... ack, I'm scaring myself. Just pray for me.

Aside from more basketball, tomorrow I'm going to have brunch at a place called Busboys and Poets. The place looks really cool. Reminds me of an East Villagey kinda restaurant, the kind that I didn't think existed in this sterile city called DC. I'm muy excited for its vegan sausage! mmm, or perhaps I should have vegan bacon instead? Either way, the tempeh sandwich looks good. It's not a veg place but it caters to an eclectic crowd and I am just so excited. I wish I could take a photo of my brunch and post it but alas, my blog is not that cool.

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HappyBunny said...

You can try Pod cast. My husband uses gets lessons from this place called chinese pod. I think there is a spanish one, french one, japnese one. I think I'm going to pick up japnese too :P