Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Busy Everything

It's raining on a sunday and I can finally catch my breath... I've been pretty busy at work (which is highly atypical) and thus haven't been focusing on school stuff much. Probably a good thing.

Last weekend I was back in NY for a day and a half for Mother's Day. It was great. My sister and I took her to a huge plant nursery since she loves plants and flowers and that kinda stuff. We wound up buying some flower that I don't even remember. My sister also picked up a Starbucks card and two dozen roses. That evening we had dinner at my Mom's fav Japanese place where we presented her with sapphire and garnet earings. I know she really enjoyed the weekend, not because of the gifts, but I think she was glad that the three of us spent some time together. Even when I come home, my sister's usually off doing her own thing so I think my mom enjoyed the company. That night we played mah-jongg.

In less happy news, our Pomeranian doggie, Bushy, had surgery. It turns out that she was in pretty bad shape with some rotten teeth and two hernias of the lower intestine. That's crazy news. The teeth is inexcusable because we just never took her for regular check-ups since everything seemed fine to us. I guess that's why she has bad breath :( So some of her teeth got pulled and they also sutured her hernias up. Man, poor Bushy!! We also learned she has an enlarged heart which takes up 2/3 of her ribcage and is the reason she coughs a lot. The enlarged heart and hernias are actually common genetic problems for Pomeranians according to the doctor and my sister. Bushie is 12 years old too. She wouldn't move the day after surgery but she was walking around again the 2nd day after. Poor poor doggy!

Oops, didn't mean to sidetrack from the MBA stuff. I know nobody cares about my personal life. So the work week was busy cuz I'm in charge of revamping the entire project's master schedule (600+ tasks). A bit stressful because some of the people who are supposed to provide inputs for the schedule are dragging their feet. Aarrgghhh. Also, my project manager resigned and we had 2 happy hours on Monday and Tuesday, meaning those were late nights. Thursday I was the project coordinator for a volunteer event where we hang out with some elderly at the Washington Home. Then I had another happy hour on friday with some college buddies. Saturday I tried finding a suit for my high school buddy's upcoming wedding but that's a disaster thus far. His bridezilla is demanding a certain type of suit which I think is just hideous. They want 2-button, black, center vent, with pleated pants. Gross. I hate 2-buttons (even if they are in right now) and who the hell wears black suits any more? It's such a hard, extreme color. I understand it's formal for a wedding but still, pleated pants? I'm neither fat nor an octogenarian so that's just hideous. The suggested suit is some discount number for $159.99! Hahaha, I would never wear that thing again. But it doesn't matter, they don't even carry my size. In fact, next to nobody carries my size. I'm a 38Long which is just too lanky for most sizes. And Bridezilla is having all the ladies wear different dresses! What!?!? It doesn't make sense that the guys are being pigeon-holed into one (ugly) suit when the girls aren't going to match except for color. I don't know what's going to happen. The suits that I do have are from Charles Tyrwhitt who carries 38L... most American brands cater to fatter people hehe. Tyrwhitt doesn't have black suits though (and rightfully so). Last night I met up with my old roommate and painted the town red.

Also, a funny thing at work. I might be getting more responsibility due to my project manager's leaving. The deputy project manager will now become the project manager and the guy whom I report to within the Management & Operations area, is going to be the new deputy project manager. Our new project manager informed me on friday that he wants me to manage the entire Management & Operations area even though I won't have the title. I will, however, have one junior-level person (person not yet decided) reporting under me. I'm wondering if I can ask for the title, something like Management & Operations Lead or something like that. I know that titles are meaningless since its your actual work function that's important, but it'd be nice to have. I kind of feel like they're just thrusting more work onto me without giving me anything though... maybe I can put in for a compensation adjustment hehe.

In other news, I called my co-worker's best friend who used to be Miss India and is a former model too. She gave me some advice and basically told me that if I were to do high-fashion, there's no way to do it part-time and I'd have to essentially move to NY. Fine by me! But she said that I gotta get 3-5 photos and start submitting them both online and in open calls. Exciting stuff. So my co-worker is going to be taking the shots in 2 weeks. I will use these 2 weeks to sculpt my abs (just kidding... no, but seriously) and eat nothing but salad. Haha, I'm crazy. I'm kidding. But am I? I know there's only like a 1% chance of this ever happening but I figure I should give it a try. Nothing to lose but some energy right? Hopefully it won't dilute my Columbia efforts. Yikes!

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HappyBunny said...

It's entertaining. Although I haven't finish reading all of it, I read the mother's day part and the wedding part. :P Don't you hate weddings (complicated wedding) I'm so glad J and me did it vegas style :P I let bridesmaid wear whatever they wanted.