Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alternative Career? Ha.

I'm writing from a bus. I'm currently on the Boltbus up to New York to spend Mother's Day in Long Island. No Columbia visit this time. I'm bored and figured that I'd write about an interesting alternative career idea that my co-worker brought up today. This is the same co-worker who I am tight with and is applying to a part-time MBA program (that I wrote a rec for) in Fall 2008 hopefully.

She asked me if I ever considered modeling part-time. Now before you laugh or dismiss me as a fool, here me out. Her suggestion isn't as crazy as one might think. I'm tall, thin, have defined facial features, and a lot of hair to work with. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly attractive nor muscular ha! So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I may have some of the raw tools but not the total package. She suggested high fashion modeling which is probably the only type (and fortunately for me, the type that I'm most interested in) that I would even have a remote chance at. I have a lot of interest but c'mon, I don't consider it realistic. She was all excited and trying to get me to go to a hair stylist and take photos for that preliminary card that aspiring models need. I don't think this is very realistic, even in a part-time capacity, but it'd be exciting as heck if it happened. Coincidentally, her best friend is a former Miss India so maybe she knows what' she's talking about? Ha. Regardless, nobody else has ever suggested such a thing and I'm sure most would laugh in my face (rather rudely might I add) if such an idea was put forth. But obviously a hidden part of me would love for this to come to some sort of fruition. Ay. Doubtful though. I mean, I'm not really a mack daddy in the first place and models need to be confident. But I guess being a high fashion model means I could do the emaciated, sullen motif instead hehe. I will do my due diligence and see what it takes to get started. My co-worker is going to ask her former Miss India friend for pointeres too. Wish me luck! haha.

The more interesting thing that has to do with my MBA journey is that if such a crazy thing ever happened (that is, become a full-time model), I would definitely shelf my MBA plans for the time being. Well, maybe I shouldn't say definitely. How good I was at my new job would likely be the primary determinant. But isn't it crazy how I would give up this MBA journey for that completely unrelated job? Well actually, maybe it's not that crazy. We all have dream jobs...

By the way, I am starving. I cannot wait to have some real New York pizza. Yum! In bad news, our family dog, Bushy, just had surgery today to suture two hernias of the lower intestine and to remove rotted teeth that we never noticed! Horrible stuff. I can't believe she's been living with this the entire time and we never noticed... I guess that just goes to show that check-ups are indeed valuable. Hopefully Bushy is feeling better now and I will see her tonight. Aw, it looks like my blog is starting to get personal. Okay, back to b-school stuff!

I'm also starting to think about what if? What if Columbia rejects me? Should I wait to re-apply next year or should I apply to other programs and matriculate at whereever wants me that I like the most? The potential list is Berkeley, Yale, Wharton, and Stern for those keeping track. I keep going back and forth with whether I’d wait or if I’d take one of those other schools. Ah well. No point in really analyzing it further cuz I’ll probably just change my mind tomorrow.
I hope this post didn’t completely turn off everyone (all 3 of you) who actually read my blog :P


HappyBunny said...

Modeling :P I'm interest to see pictures!! We demand picture! We demand picture!

I wonder how does the school distinguish between people who truly love Columbia (like us) and people who apply to early decision because they think they have a slim chance at H/W/S.

theincarnated said...

Change that 3 to 4 will you???
I'm pissed on that...... ;)

TienyChesney said...


Oh man, I already regret posting that last post. Just a silly dream I guess, and now I've lost all credibility. Ack. Trust me, you will be tremendously disappointed if I were to put up a picture- I am just a skinny fool, that's all. However, if you use facebook, maybe it could be arranged.

I don't know how Columbia would distinguish between the truly in love (like us) and others. I wonder if it even matters though? I mean, an ED admittance is a guaranteed acceptance for them, thus boosting their yield, so I wonder if they care that much. Either way, I guess the only way to really distinguish yourself is through the essays and hopefully interview!

TienyChesney said...


How do you know that you are not 1 of the 3? Because you are my 4th link? haha, but it oculd be entirely possible that others stopped reading because my posts are becoming increasingly stupid...

HappyBunny said...

haha... feed my curiosity.

Well... in terms of application. I think I'm going to chop up my rear view mirrors and stop worrying about what other people do. I think it gets me emotionally tangled and not get the important things accomplished. :P