Monday, June 30, 2008

GMAC Issues ScoreTop FAQ

Just a quick post. GMAC has just issued a short FAQ that talks a little about their plans regarding the ScoreTop subscribers. The link is below:

Some of the questions and answers are ambiguous but the biggest takeaway that I received was that people who accessed the site but did not pay for VIP membership, will not be punished. That's a relief for many I'm sure. There's also a funny line in there from the BusinessWeek editor who published GMAC's FAQ... in response to the common question "how could subscribers know that ScoreTop questions were live and illegal?", the answer is "one must be blind to not have known"! What a riot. Sorry to make light of this but I'm feeling light-headed after reading hundreds of posts on this topic. I'm going to give it a rest til tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you decide:

Soni said...

you posted the same link on my blog and I don't think it proves a thing. There are quite a few screens that scoretop members had access to and I'm sure some of them referred to "real" GMAT questions. anybody that pursued VIP membership after reading so should be punished.

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