Sunday, June 15, 2008

BusinessWeek Columbia ED 2009 Thread Up!

I know this isn't as exciting to others as it is to me but I'm kinda excited that the Columbia ED 2009 thread is up and running on the BusinessWeek forums. After only a couple days, the thread has 50+ posts and once again, ChristopherW has done us a tremendous service by starting a public Google spreadsheet tracking the stats and dates of each applicant's admissions journey. Fun stuff! It kinda scares me that other people are already thinking about Columbia ED apps but maybe this will be the motivational tool I need to galvanize my own preparation. After starting my first goals essay, I kinda hit a rut. But I'm happy to say that this week I've finished my resume (I think) and approached one of my recommenders. Tomorrow I will approach my second recommender.

I've also started brainstorming possible topics for the other essays. Too bad Columbia isn't releasing the topics until late July. But maybe that's good, because I'll have time to put together my "recommender coaching packages" to my recommenders. I suspect it'll include my resume, my goals essay, and some pointers about what Columbia values in its applicants/students (e.g. entrepreneurship). I'm excited because it seemed like there was a big lull in my admissions journey and I'm sure some readers felt it as well from the lack of energy in some of my blog posts. But now we're only two months away from the start of Columbia's review period and I'm pumped :) In other good news, one of my co-workers just signed up for a GMAT prep course and has asked for my mentoring. I am more than happy to give it. Coincidentally, he is the junior-level consultant that I manage so I'm happy that he's looking forward in his professional career. This will be fun!

In sadder news, our favorite Samantha from Best MBA Blog Ever has not updated her blog in a week. :( just kiddin!


HappyBunny said...

I just read that thread. So competitive. :( I have writers' block these days. Can't do anything effective.


your risky app strategy did pay off... congrats for columbia.. i wish i also convert it... I want it so badly!!!! :-)