Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

You may recall that my old project manager resigned a month ago for a rival firm. Thus the Deputy Project Manager stepped into his role. Well surprise surprise! The Deputy (who is now the project manager) has just resigned this week to leave for the same firm! Haha, how rich is that? He is the third person to leave for that firm in the last 2 months actually because a more senior person was the first person to leave (but she was not on my project). I’m sure my client is realllly happy with all the turnover at the project leadership level. In fact, one of the managers who left has revealed that he’s already spoken to our client about using his new firm instead! I don’t know if he should be talking that openly about his strategy but it makes for juicy gossip! It’s also crazy how much of a raise they got when they left. I would leave myself but it’s pointless since I don’t even want to be doing this federal consulting schtick.

I’m currently helping my teammate revise her resume. She’s only 25 and has a 2-page resume! It has way too much info on it in my opinion and I heard that b-schools like you to keep it to one page. I know that two pages is acceptable at this stage but only in some instances. She definitely doesn’t need two though. She uses about 7 lines to talk about her college! And she has full paragraphs for a number of community activities. Admittedly, they are major activities, but still, an entire paragraph is a bit much. Plus, she still has her “Data Entry Specialist” position from her college part-time days listed. Yikes.

It’s full-fledged summer and I’ve broken out the seersucker suit combo for the first time ever. I’ve owned it for 2 years now but never had the guts to wear it until next weekend. For some reason it feels more acceptable to wear it in DC than in NY. Plus I don’t care what the heck my co-workers think. Funny scene yesterday. I’ve recently taken to wearing hairbands (not headbands) to manage the surfeit of hair that I now possess. My project team has teased me about. Yesterday, one of them called me into the other room to look at a document and when I walked in, the entire team was standing there staring at me… and all of them were wearing hairbands! It was quite funny and stupid. But I liked it hehe :)


HappyBunny said...

columbia wants a work history and a activity resume. so one page for each?

TienyChesney said...

Ah, you are right. I totally forgot about that. For some reason I thought I would have to submit my resume... but you're right, Columbia asks for a work history as well as an activity resume. Guess that means more work and prep for me! I don't know how long they should be but I will aim for one page each. Guess that will help fill up my time from now until the app gets released hehe. Thanks for alerting me!

Samantha said...

I hear you, I've helped co-workers with cover letters and resumes recently and they're usually awful! I mentored one recent college grad recently who had high school stuff listed, as in homecoming queen, no joke. Good thing it makes us look better:)