Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silence of the Applicants

Has anyone else noticed an eerie silence from the blogosphere (first time ever using that word, I swear)? Many of our fellow 2009er's haven't posted recently and I suspect it's because they're busy busy busy on their apps. That scares me. That makes me anxious. So I will not post about my CBS app for at least two weeks. That's the plan. This will keep me from getting too worked up and maybe it'll keep me working hard instead.

But it's so hard to work hard now that I've realized GMATClub's Columbia thread is so informative. I just started becoming active on it (much moreso than I ever was on BW forums). The link to the CBS thread is below. HappyBuns and Sons are on it too.

I was bored an hour ago so I started re-reading some of my earlier posts about my Columbia visits... what a tool I must sound like. That's what makes me a great candidate for b-school I suppose :P Also, my alma mater's gym is closed for renovations for a week... arrrgh. That means I am stuck at home getting fat and watching the Olympics every night. Exciting stuff. Fortunately tomorrow I have orientation for a big volunteer project coming up and thursday there my team at work is going to the Nationals game... I hate baseball but don't mind it all that much in person. I hear we (the Nats) suck. I hope the beer is subsidized.

Oh yeah, I also found a roommate. Nobody cares about that though. I wonder what I will blog about now that I've put the muzzle on myself. Suggestions welcome.


HappyBunny said...

modeling pictures requested :P

TienyChesney said...

ha, there is only one person who maybe i would be okay showing them too. j/k, i never took them. it's just a pipedream.

Soni said...

Just do what I do: 1 post per week, 10 minutes max, and move on with apps.

Luckily, I'm between projects and I don't have much to do, so alot of time to brainstorm and work on apps. Better than surfing the net...oh wait I'm doing that right now :P