Thursday, August 14, 2008

Restless Rant w/ ScoreTop & Off-Topics

Geez, it's 5:30 am and I can't fall asleep... too much going thru my head that I won't get into... also didn't help that I inadvertently fell asleep at midnight for 2 hours.

I thought this might be of interest though. I know that the ScoreTop scandal is no longer on the minds of many (at least not of the innocent) but I just found this article posted over 2 weeks ago on BW. It's a Q&A session with a GMAC official, Peggy, who seems very friendly and smiley in her photo but then gives a lot of machine-like answers. Apparently GMAC will only cancel the scores of people who either posted live questions or posted to confirm that they saw live questions. That's it. The link is below:

The last line of the entire article made me laugh. At first, I thought that Peggy, the GMAC official, said this as her parting words: "The field that MBA aspirants run through is fraught with land mines. Caveat tester." Then I realized that the line was actually the BusinessWeek writer's closing line. Wouldn't it have been a hoot if the GMAC official actually said that as a parting shot though!? Ha!

I also attended an Orientation session for Site Manager training for DC Public Schools Beautification Day on August 23rd. I will be leading some volunteers to beautify Eliot Middle School and get it ready for the first day of classes. I met 2 people from my company there (completely coincidental) and they said they were making company t-shirts and offered me one. Sweet! There is nothing I love more than free t-shirts of random events. I'm being completely serious. Did you know I already own 3 Columbia shirts? I know, I know. The crappy thing is that I made plans to go home to NY on the weekend of the 23rd. My mom has been in Beijing for 2 months and is returning that weekend so I wanted to see her. Now I obviously can't and will have to go back to NY the weekend after instead. Hope she doesn't mind.

One of my good friends who lives in College Park, Maryland told me some big news today. I thought he was going to tell me that his girlfriend of 3 years (maybe longer?) just got engaged... instead, he told me they just broke up. They are currently living together so he's trying to move out asap and into my neighborhood coincidentally. Tough stuff. Completely unrelated, my biggest high-school-crush-turned-good-friend just returned to NY after living in Berlin for 2 years. She will only be here two more weeks before moving to London for some prestigious Courtald master's program in art history (I think) though. Have you ever met someone so extraordinary that you feel as if you'd definitely have to marry her (or him) if the opportunity ever arose? (I'm assuming most of my readers are single) No? Well, whatever. This was getting just a bit off-topic with my blog's theme anyway.

I just realized the other day that Clear Admit (not positive but I think it's them) has a MBA applicant blog summary every friday and that they sometimes mention me. If this is my last post by then, I wonder how they're going to summarize this post considering it's largely off-topic. Last week they mentioned how I got a sweet MIT Sloan pen from the admissions panel thingy though :P Cool beans! Maybe I will mention something school or app-related to get me onto that summary thingy... how about...

... um, blanking here. For once. Maybe that's a good thing.

Tomorrow I have to go to a project team outing at RFK Stadium to watch the Nationals play some crummy baseball. I only went cuz I thought it would be fun but none of the fun co-workers are going apparently. Plus, it's supposed to rain! Drat. It will look really bad if I cancel (not that I haven't been making myself look really bad at work for the past six months already). But then again, what else am I going to do? Sit at home and become an alcoholic while watching the Olympics? errr, but I hate rain! I melt in it.

Okay, 5:45 am. Time for some ZzZzzzZzzzZzzz.


adekku said...

Bout the extraordinary thing, you are not the only one, I had felt the same way.. :)

It's okay getting off topic.. It adds flavor to your blog! And I love reading your blog. So, keep blogging! You have a faithful reader here.. ^_*

HappyBunny said...
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HappyBunny said...

I had met someone so extraordinary that I felt as if I'd definitely have to marry him regardless if opportunity arises. I say to opportunity "damn it! arise!" then I got married.


TienyChesney said...

ah, thanks guys, looks like i will be going off-topic even more now :) though i don't pretend to live a life that's interesting enough to attract readers. i figured that's where the mba obsession would come in!

Clear Admit said...


We at Clear Admit think your blog is great! We especially liked your post on the Admissions Panel in DC, as it was very honest as well as informative.

We are currently working on a project that we would love to have your help with. If you are interested, please e-mail us at, and we will give you the details.

We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your applications. Keep up the good work with your blog!