Thursday, August 7, 2008

Exhausted... & New Poll Up

I am tired as heck of writing. I wonder how many hours people spend on each essay on average? 10 hours? 25 hours? 5 hours? I currently have to write a Self-Assessment for my annual review at work and to say I am half-assing it is an embellishment. I literally copied everything from the last review haha. I am sick of writing. Thus this will be the shortest post ever.

There is a new poll up on the right of my blog. Feel free to click away. What did I learn from my last poll? Basically that most people dislike CBS' commuter school rep and that a surprising number of people hate Uris Deli too. Not a single person hated the gym which is actually a pretty big deal to me. But then again, there's a decent chance that visitors don't even check out the gym I guess. Let me tell you, we will all be fat and unsightly by the end of our two years because the facilities are so high school junior varsity-ish. But then again, we may all be skinny due to Uris Deli-induced anorexia... j/k.

I'm considering taking a hiatus from blogging for the next few weeks to focus on my app. Would anyone object? Yeahhh, didn't think so ;)


Woowoo said...

Uris deli is actually not THAT bad...
Anyways, Hamilton Deli is very good and just right next to Warren Hall. Downside is Hamilton is kinda expensive.

Gym, eh... not the greatest, very crowded since many people will use.
Basketball courts are off-limits during NCAA seasons because of games and practices. There is a tiny blue gym which is open all the time but with only 2 baskets.

TienyChesney said...

hey WooWoo,

Welcome! I heard that most b-school students flood to Hamilton Deli too. As for the gym, let's call a spade a spade and say they're terrible. Actually, they're the worst college/university facilities I've ever seen. The tiny blue gym is called University Blue Gym (fittingly enough eh?) and is made of some horrible synthetic floor which I don't trust to not ruin (how's that for a double negative?) the traction on my basketball shoes. Sigh. I do realize that I won't be playing much bball in b-school, partly due to schedule and partly due to the accomodations. I guess I will have to settle for dominating the Cluster Cup! heheh :)

P.S. I see you have your own blog, should I start following it? Will you be updating it regularly now that Fall is nearly upon us? Maybe I will see you on the courts next year :)

HappyBunny said...

tien, are you submitting yours tomorrow?

Woowoo said...

Ya, if someone is actually following my blog... maybe I'll post more often..... You can see the frequency of my post, 2 times a year?

I've played in the blue gym and the real gym many many times. Funny that I've never heard of the official name for the blue gym though. I miss the college atmosphere, haven't had a chance to play pickup/organized ball since graduation and my basketball skill must have been so rusty by now.

Columbia was where I went to school, after all... So, ya, I am pretty familiar with the area.
I went back for the info session the other day, it was kind of sad to see a few of my favorite restaurants were gone. :(

TienyChesney said...

hey Woowoo, i actually played pickup at Levien for a little over a year (2006-2007). i'm a terrible athlete but i have the deadliest of mid-range jumpers :P i still play almost every day at Georgetown (my undergrad alma mater) so i'll be in shape to take the Cluster Cup when we both get accepted for next fall hehe. hopefully!!