Monday, April 14, 2008

Polls, Emailing the Adcom, & More

I just put up 2 polls on the right aide of my blog. Please do take them. I know some people may not respond seriously but I definitely appreciate the input and will be checking the results incessantly (even tho nobody reads this thing anyway hehe).

Also, I'm sorry that I can't reveal the actual spin or framing of my story. I've decided that I may need to be a little more discreet as I'm sometimes overly trusting and self-revealing. My hit counter showed that someone from Columbia's network accessed my blog a couple weeks ago via a Businessweek forum posting. Obviously I don't know if it's someone from the adcom but why take chances? As it is, I feel stupid enough that my username on there was "TienEtBerkeley" back from over a year ago when I first registered an account. I just started a new one called (don't laugh) "TienColumbiaLove". Terrible dork I am I know. My mind was drawing a blank.

I also decided to email the adcom and ask what approx date would next year's app be released. Apparently last year's app debuted on July 24th, giving about 3 weeks until the ED review period started. I also asked if it was okay to use last year's essays if I wanted to get a super- early start on them (the respected consultant said that most schools don't care). I wonder if the adcom will just think I'm a super anxious nerd given that I revealed both my real name and my brown-nosing username of "TienColumbiaLove." I apologize for anyone who may have just vomitted.

Lastly, I am trying to get on a project at work that is more real estate related. It will require a lot of networking, political navigation, research, entrepreneurial initiative, and relationship management. I'm screwed. There's no ETA on this but I mentioned it to my manager for the first time on thursday and he sounds supportive. Even if I don't get on a related project until after I apply to CBS, it would be great experience.

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