Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a Note

So today I officially hired my admissions counselor. Mucho money well spent I hope. The reason I chose to do this today is because I realize it's past the half-way point of April. This gives me just under 5 months to submit my application by my personally targeted submission date. I know that 5 months is actually plenty of time but like I said before, I'm a worrier. I want my app and essays especially to be near perfecto. Since I've been commited to this process for close to a year now, to experience the countdown from 12 months to 5 months is quite anxiety-inducing. I know I'm not actually running out of time but that's my crazy brain at work. I'm also taking the bus (classy guy I am) to New York this weekend so I figured this would give me a great opportunity to brainstorm some essay topics during the 4-5 hour trip. Might as well use that time wisely. Also, maybe a small part of me was afraid of this particular consultant filling up with clients and not accepting my business later. Paranoid I know.

I was surprised cuz the phone call wasn't as informative as the free consultation. He basically reiterated the stratgy that he had originally given me for free and told me to do a first draft immediately. No real new info. He did send me several sample essays to take as examples. I haven't read any of them yet (will do so on the bus ride) but a preliminary scan revealed that these were probably first drafts themselves as they all showed egregious typos and one had no paragraphs. I'm sure the pearls of wisdom will arise during the editing/revising phases. I'm glad to finally get started. I also asked him if I should do anything in particular when I visit Columbia this coming monday. He said "try not to be an asshole." :) haha, I think I'm starting to understand him.

In other news, I had a nice conversation with one of the real estate portfolio managers at my company and he was super-nice and helpful. It sounds like his group is so small and specialized that I wouldn't be able to join them in the future but he did offer to introduce me to some of his high-powered friends. I'm going to meet him for lunch in a week and then maybe talk to one of his friends or two. Truth be told though, I don't know what the chances are of me switching jobs before my app is submitted. Seems like too risky and too much of a red flag at this juncture. It'll make me seem fickle/undecided and immature for jumping around so much. I'll have no qualms about jumping after receiving an acceptance though (fingers crossed) :P And on another note, I found out today that I'll require surgery on my fractured hand. Sucks. At least I'm typing around 35 wpm now wuth one hand hehe.

Oh, and one very last thing! My hits counter has informed me that someone from Tishman Speyer in New York has been reading my blog on a few occasions. Firstly, you're the man. Secondly, hook it up, my friend! ;) hehe, j/k.................. no, but seriously. Help me please. Just kidding. Or am I? Can't blame me for trying right? :)


Anonymous said...

hi.. how much is your guy charging for essays? the person that was recommended to me is charging 1250 for 1 essay, 1750 for two, and 2400 for 3 :-S

TienyChesney said...

Hi anonymous,

The guy I'm using actually charges a package fee for the school rather than per essay. I won't say how much the package is to protect his identity hehe :) However, I will comment that the prices you mentioned do sound a bit steep... you could probably find someone you like that will consult on the entire school's app for that price range unless you're only interested in one essay. Good luck!