Monday, April 7, 2008

Paranoid Musings

Okie doke. So I'm feeling really nervous about two things right now.

1) My sad BusinessWeek username. Too bad I signed up my account over a year ago and incorporated (foolishly) another school's name into my handle huh? Hopefully nobody from Columbia's adcom sees it and gets the wrong impression because there's no aspiring MBA 2011 more committed than I. I pretty much believe that. I even emailed FrancescaBW, the BW forums moderator, and asked her how I could delete my username to start anew. She didn't have an answer and is querying her tech guys. Kinda crazy how nobody else has ever asked them to delete their account huh? But then again, I guess no one has ever had as good a reason as mine: paranoia.

2) This one was quite alarming too. Thanks to those lovely (and free) site counting tools, I am able to see how many people view this quaint lil blog and also from which larger network they're from. Apparently today around noon, someone from the network visited my blog! uh-oh... And the referring website was one of my Businessweek threads. I wonder if Christina from the adcom was checking out my page? That would be unbelievable (well, not really but you know what I mean). This brings up a good question that I've considered before but never came to a real conclusion on: does this blog make me seem super serious and committed about Columbia? (which I am)... or does it make me seem super competitive and nerdy (which I assuredly am not hehe)? Let's hope whoever visited from the Columbia website was not from the adcom and in the event that it was, that they love my blog :) I know I shouldn't think that way... just watch, tonight I'm sure I'll have a dream where I receive an email from Christina asking me to matriculate before I even applied! Man oh man, that would be a sweet dream :P And nothing more than a dream :(

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