Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I finally purchased my San Francisco tickets... I'll be going from the night of March 11th to noon on March 15th. I figure I'll spend a day and a half in Berkeley and then a little over 2 days in San Fran. I know that I won't be able to see everything but I'll try to cram everything in. I def want to check out Berkeley's campus, the Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps Alcatraz, Russian Hill, Chinatown, and the neighborhoods of Mission and Haight-Ashbury. Am I missing anything stupendous? It'll be good to finally take a trip since I've been admitted for almost 4 months now and have only sat on my ass.

If things work out well, I'll be going back to Sydney sometime in April for 11 days or so. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll even take a side trip to Melbourne. Keep your fingers crossed. In May, I figure I can use Memorial Day weekend to take a 3 day trip to Montreal or Toronto. In June, I'm going to London for 5 days. In July, I'm going to various parts of China for 3 weeks with the family... we have a place in Beijing but I'm going to convince them to go to Hong Kong since I've never been. The CBS Pre-MBA World Tour website is still in development but many of the destinations don't intrigue me that much... I'd be down for places like Japan, Russia, Turkey, UAE, and some of Latin America but some of the other stuff might be a bit too exotic for me. I am a novice traveler afterall. They've discontinued the Western Europe leg that went through London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, etcetra last year. Maybe I'll tag along for a Russia or Argentina leg though. At least this is my plan. A destination a month to keep me from hating my job hehe.

I wish I could just quit my job. I'd be bored doing nothing so I would try to get a cool pre-MBA internship (even for no pay) or at the worst, work retail at J.Crew or something. Unfortunately, the draw of the paycheck keeps me tied to my go-nowhere, hate-it-all consulting job. I've determined my resignation date to be July 1st... still 5 months away. Sigh.

I haven't thought about post-MBA careers much but I'm certainly leaning towards Trading. Even if the compensation potential doesn't match what it used to be, I still think it's a great fit for me (analytical, competitive, potential for high pay, relatively great hours, market driven, new york location).

Tomorrow evening is the CBS Alumni Club of Washington DC happy hour. It will be real cold, around 15 degrees, but I will be in attendance. I'll have all the dirt here too.


Omne said...

Sounds like a pretty nice travel plan! I'd love to quit my job as soon as possible, but the paycheck and the chance to pay down debt before school is too great to pass up. I'm definitely taking at least a month off before school though.

JulyDream said...

SF is fabulous!! You definitely have a great list of places to visit. July 1st is also a great time to leave you're job. You should have ample time to relax.