Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We had another informal happy hour this monday in DC... except this time, it was a joint one along with admits from 2 other top b-schools! I won't bore you with needless details but it was very fun. There were even nametags! And I met the cat known as Soni! Cool guy, cool blog, but unfortunately I will have to crush him at basketball too (I've been playing very well the last week or two). I bet you all are jealous that I've met Soni, HappyBunny (remember her!?), and Samantha. And I might catch up with D.G. in London for a pint too! BTW, I will no longer be going to Paris for my 8-day mini-trip starting May 30. Due to time restrictions, I'm going to visit Brussels instead... that way I can still save my impression of Paris for my honeymoon :)

I just purchased a new laptop yesterday. It came down to the Samsung Portege A605 and the Lenovo Thinkpad X200. In the end, I went with the Lenovo. I've always hated Dell (due to past experiences) and Sony was way overpriced. Lenovo was a bit expensive too but I've had a great experience with them after using a T61 issued by my company for the past 19 months. The laptop's tiny, lightweight, very fast, and has superb battery life. There's no touchpad but I plan on using a mini travel mouse. Also, I need to get an external dvd/cd drive but that's okay cuz I never use the darn thing anyway. The Samsung looked hot and was even smaller and lighter but durability concerns scared me away (along with the slower processor) despite its much cheaper price tag.

For Memorial Day weekend, I really wanted to go to Montreal... I thought I'd be willing to go alone but the airfare only came down in price today! AFTER I had already decided to go home to NY and see some old friends instead (not many CBS people this trip). No sweat though.

There are still 26 (or maybe 27) work days left before I'm free... the countdown continues.


Anonymous said...

LENOVOS are the BEST computers ever! loves it! you never fail to impress tieny!

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