Friday, January 23, 2009

Columbia Visit #43, Using the Network, & Dunking

I'm delighted that the CBS 2011 group on facebook finally broke 100 members! Granted, a few of them are actually 2010'ers who joined to welcome us but I'm glad the class is shaping up. I registered for Open House on February 20-21 already (probably one of the first couple people to do so since I registered within 5 minutes of receiving the email haha). The agenda for the Open House looks pretty good, lots of presentations on important topics like the Chazen international study trips and panels on student life and clubs. There are a couple happy hours too. I should really try to learn more about Entrepreneurship and my Sales & Trading post-MBA job outlook. But obviously I'm most excited to meet my future classmates.

This weekend I'll be back in NY for the umpteenth time, primarily to celebrate Chinese New Year which is technically monday. I'm excited because on saturday, one of my favorite friends of 2008 (from DC) will also be in NY and I'll be showing her around Columbia's campus! It's funny that I'm doing that considering I'm not a student yet nor do I know the names of the buildings and history but I do know where to get bubble tea (Lerner Center). She's applied to a couple MBA programs (mostly for sustainabilty/social enterprise) for Fall 2009 and she's really interested in CBS, however, she lacks the motivation to start her app because she doesn't believe she has a good shot which is silly. She's actually quite talented and I think she stands an excellent shot so our tour tomorrow will be my marketing tool to galvanize her app. I'm debating whether to show her the horrific conditions of Levien and University Blue Gymnasiums though... she's a gym nut and I don't want to make her cry.

I'll also be meeting up with several friends and also an ex-coworker who I just learned will be a classmate too. Fun times. Oh, and I also started leveraging the network! As a techy consultant, I'm supposed to work on projects for different clients. Unfortunatley (or fortunately should I say), I haven't been assigned to any projects recently so I've just been sufing the web. I was starting to become paranoid that I'd incur my managers' wrath so I asked a different future classmate/current co-worker if he knew of any projects that I could work on... and it turns out he does! On tuesday, I begin working for him (haha, he will be my direct project manager) on designing an internal portal/website... it doesn't sound exciting but I think it'll be good for me because there'll be some intellectual engagement to it (e.g. how do we market the site and encourage greater user participation?) and I'll meet a host of team members from all other parts of our humongous company. That's the good stuff, baby!

Travel plans aren't looking great. Greece is out but Morocco is in (but not until March 6th I think). I'm excited for San Fran cuz one of my fav cousins apparently lives there plus a couple friends, but I can't book that for a while. I am also registered for a 1 day retreat with my undergrad alma mater in late February that will allow for relaxation in some rustic-looking part of Maryland. I really need to look at CBS' pre-MBA World Tour destinations too.

Lastly, I am re-upping my efforts at the gym. I never benchpressed until a couple months ago but my goal is to bench my body weight before the summer. Also, I'm doing a jumping program to work out my legs... the goal is to dunk (a guy can dream can't he?) by end of April. I even had a dream about it last night (seriously). My CBS classmates will thank me for this once the Cluster Cup basketball and volleyball competitions start!


nyc_roommate said...

I've been following you and Soni from quite some time but never got to congratulate you guys for the awesome planning and execution you guys did with your bschool apps!

I apped to a 4 schools (including CBS), all in round 2 and am still waiting..tick-tock! the clock's killing me. let's see what happens.

Hey, I had a quick question. Any ideas on what the total number of apps this year! I presume a significant increase due to the economy. I also wondered if our "applicant numbers" in columbia actually meant something. My applicant number (whatever that means) is above 10k and i'm not sure if I really am a 10k+ applicant or it is my applicant number - 10k.

This little computation does get me around a reasonable, but slightly low number of applicants...but not sure.'s 4:44 in the night and i've got to whack my brains :)

Good luck to all your dreams though! I wish I had the consistency to execute as you guys had. oh well...

TienyChesney said...

Hey NYC Roomie,

I have no idea what the applicant number means but I'd be happy to do some sleuthing and speculating if you tell me where you found the number... is it on the website when you log in or something? As for the expected number of applications this year, Linda Meehan revealed during the reception (while chatting, not as an official announcement) that they think app volume will increase to around 7,500 this year which would translate to a 25% increase from last year's 5,999 applications. Keep in mind she said this in early December so who knows if they are on paceor ahead/behind now... nothing official's been released but my own hunch is a 20% increase or so.

nyc_roommate said...

The application number that I am talking about is a number that comes in at a few places.

1. When you submit your online application and the system then lets you print a html version of your application. That html-file is named something like "applicant-11223" (just an example).

2. Further, when I "viewed" my excel transcript files (for both undergrad and grad) that I had uploaded with the application (before submitting the app), this same number above also attached to the excel transcript files. Even though I named my transcript excel files as "First Name Last Name Undegrad Transcript.xls", the system renamed it as..."applicant11223.xls".

It makes me feel that it could be the number of applicants. That iw why I was wondering what yours was, because your's was one of the earliest in this season's app process (even I'm sure about that...hehe).

TienyChesney said...

NYC Roomie,

Good sleuthing! I like the way you think. You'll be happy to know that I have an incredibly high applicant number despite submitting on August 10th. My applicant number is six digits and begins with 125... I'm sure there weren't 125,000 applicants this season before me though. So don't worry about being a late submitter at all, it's out of your control at this point. I'd surmise that the number could be the cumulative applicant number since they started using the system but still, it seems awfully high. Better off not to read any more into it methinks!