Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Updates

I submitted my deposit the day after I got admitted- never been so happy to spend $6,000 in my life. I mailed my official transcripts today too. There are a million things on the school's to-do-list but that's a good problem to have. Many of the tasks can't be completed until after January 1, 2009 anyway.

I just signed up to be a research participant for Rosetta Stone. Coincidentally, they need participants for Spanish (Latin America) which is precisely the language I am trying to learn. I would also get paid if I am selected! I should find out by Wednesday whether they've selected me. In the meantime, I need to do some self-study. I want to get either a Financial Accounting or Corporate Finance textbook. I will read it myself (no continuing education for me, probably not worth it) and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to text out of a Core class and replace it with an elective. Even if I don't pass, I will have a leg up. Corporate Finance sounds more interesting but we'll see. I'm going to see if I can get the syllabi to learn which textbooks that CBS actually uses.

I've also been thinking about post-MBA jobs and career tracks and all that. It's really quite difficult. I no longer want to do real estate development (though I'm still highly intrigued by it) and recently considered investment management. The problem with that is that I'd start off doing research and I don't know if analyzing securities appeals to me that much. I'd much rathe analyze something on a macro-level; I would rather analyze the market. So I considered a trading career which seems to match up well with my interests. However, I don't get that excited thinking about it, which worries me. It's funny that I used to be a trading assistant and left, and now I might return!? Also, what are the exit strategies? From my personal experience, the traders that flame out wind up being brokers. I don't want to get a top MBA to become a broker eventually. Trading is extremely risky in that you can have massive losses in the short-term and be laid off after a week. I've seen it happen myself.

General management sounds interesting but I feel like that is settling. Plus, aren't middle managers the first people to get fired once hard times arise? Lastly, I've thought about Luxury & Retail Goods. Sounds really interesting, right? But what is it exactly? It seems to me that it is basically upscale brand management (marketing) but a lot more strategic. That's really appealing and of course, everyone likes luxury goods. Is it right for me? I like fashion but don't know if I can represent it. Lotsa research to do.

Anyway, I have a new poll up on the right side. Please vote :) Thank you!


applicant said...

One vote for General Management here. You get to manage people, therefore it's guaranteed not to be boring.

Although I have no idea what General Management actually means in this context. I mean, general manager of a widget producing factory and general manager of a car leasing company are two entirely different things, how is that one career option? And how do you apply for such a job? "Hello, I have an MBA and before that I used to mess around with Excel spreadshhets in Company X. Will you hire me to manage your earplug manufacturing facility?"

OMGparishilton said...

while s&t would be my favourite, but given the market i dunno.
How about strat for firms like goog/aapl/oil and gas etc??

Also starting next year i might start perstering you for being a reviewer for my essays !!

TienyChesney said...

General Mgmt does sound more stimulating and I do enjoy interacting with people so maybe. I think most top MBAs are general management degrees and the interview should be easy enough (I mean it's such a common field for MBAs to enter). So I'll keep my options open though it does appear to me that middle management doesn't have a high earnings ceiling. Lifestyle might be better though- I think it tops out around 60ish hours per week, does that sound accurate?

Trading assistant is the bulk of my work experience so I can see myself thriving there. But it's disconcerting that I don't get personally excited at the thought, right? Plus the job security and exit options sound horrendous :( I do not want to do consulting at all either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tien,
How did you signup for being a research assistant on Can you give me the link?

TienyChesney said...

Hi Anonymous,
It's actually a paid volunteer position... not technically a research assistant. I'm their guinea pig basically (i'm guessing they revamped some of their product. There was no link, I saw the ad in the free daily newspaper and the sign-up period was by yesterday 5pm :( Sorry.

V2B-School said...

with your execution of Columbia - you have the V2B vote for outstanding GM! -
Gathering your resources (consultant 2), firing (consultant 1)- decision making abilities (ED), submitting app early (time management), the list goes on :-)

Jon said...

Another vote from General Management. You will have the opportunity to look at the macro level (as you say you are interested), and never have a dull day managing people/strategy!

Good luck!

Samantha said...

there are a ton of good places in new york to take spanish classes if you decide to quit your job and move here early.

why not investment management focusing on real estate?