Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall 2009 App Released!

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.


HappyBunny said...

LOL... that's exactly my feeling too. SO EXCITED!! do you want to exchange essays at some point for review?

Soni said...

Hey, when I click on "Online Application" I just see a message that says "If you have any questions, please contact"

Am I missing something? Where do I fill out the application.

I'm on this page:

HappyBunny said...
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V2B-School said...

wow - Columbia out! Good luck guys :-)

TienyChesney said...

That is the million dollar question now. I am having the exact same problem and I called them right before 5pm. They said it was cuz my account was still inactive and that they'd activate it over the phone. The funny thing is that my login password did indeed reset but it still didn't work! Plus i never got the activation email. Weird huh? Well we all know that Columbia's application system has a great reputation (snicker). I'm going to call again in the morning but I'll let you know if I hear anything sooner.

Glad to see you still there! Long time, buddy.

Soni said...

It's working for me now. Tien, make sure you submit ASAP (i.e. resolve your admission consultant issue ASAP) so that you have a better chance (earlier review = better chance).