Friday, March 21, 2008

Birth and Rebirth

Bueno! A wonderful welcome to you. I've decided to chronicle my MBA admissions adventure via blog, not because many people will care, but mostly as a way of focusing my attention and capturing my thoughts. Maybe the blog will prove informative for other people who are learning about the admissions process. Even if it doesn't, hopefully it'll keep me on track.

I'm just a city boy (not born and raised in South Detroit though) who is looking at enrolling in full-time MBA programs for Fall 2009. My definite first choice is Columbia Business School though I will obviously be applying to a few others as well. Application season is only half a year away (Fall 2008) so I'll be documenting my thoughts and activities here. Hop along for the ride and feel free to comment/ask about anything your heart desires.


Anonymous said...

I just started looking into MBA programs and I am interested in real estate myself. I saw that Columbia has a Masters in real estate development outside of the MBA program which offers a you know anything about this program and why one would choose this over a MBA?


TienyChesney said...

Hi JP,

Welcome! I wanted the MBA so I didn't look heavily into the Master's in Real Estate Development... but from what I've heard, the MBA is a more universal and generalist degeree. You can do more and change careers and enter different industries while the MRED is highly specialized and won't help you change careers if you should decide later on that you want to exit from real estate development. Also, the MRED is a newer degree and as such, doesn't have quite the prestige of the MBA yet in the opinion of some (but then again, the validity of the MBA degree has been well debated). Lastly, the MRED is highly focused on giving you education that will be practical to a development career... if you took the MBA with a focus on real estate, you would still not take as many courses on real estate as you would get in the MRED... that is the negative but the positive is that you'll get a lot of the management and soft skills development that are translatable to not only real estate, but any industry or function. Good luck!